Better flood protection in Escambia County
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Make your voice heard and demand better flood protection for Escambia County

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$300+ million in property damage — hundreds of residents forced out of their homes

Escambia County has had two 100-year storms and one 500-year storm in the last 12 years

  • Do you worry every time a hurricane or heavy rain is in the forecast?

  • Have flooded roads interfered with your ability to travel?

  • Do you feel like your local government doesn't care about your problem?



We're a community that believes in hope. We've been hoping for many years. Unfortunately, that hope is falling short.
Escambia County Resident Council Meeting January 2021

Flood protection starts with a proactive approach — Escambia County doesn't meet the grade

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The county’s flood maps aren’t accurate, and while they have a plan for stormwater management and flood protection, they’re way behind schedule

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It took Escambia County until 2015 to bring its development standards up to average, requiring that new buildings be protected from a 100-year storm. But now the county needs to enforce those standards

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Stormwater management and flood protection projects are hugely underfunded - the county has only funded 8% of the projects it planned in 2015

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Escambia’s maintenance and repair teams for stormwater infrastructure are under-resourced - the county does not have sufficient stormwater staff


The 2015 plan was left unfunded

The $417 million stormwater plan created after the 2014 floods remains largely unfunded leaving Escambia County unprotected.

The threats – and urgency for expensive action – will only increase in the years ahead.

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"The county has a lot on their plate and the squeaky wheel gets oil first. If you’re not in their ear, you’re not going to get any flooding solutions."

Chris Curb,

Former Escambia County Stormwater Manager

We equip citizens with the tools and know-how to make a change in Escambia County

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Local expertise and information about solutions to your flood problem

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Best-in-class digital tools that make amplifying your voice easy

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Organizing members for council meetings, town halls, webinars, etc.

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Measure progress on flood funding and policy and hold politicians accountable

With your message, elected officials will know they're held accountable


Governor Ron DeSantis signing the “Always Ready” flood bill into law - click here to go deeper.

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More Investment

Money will be put towards flood protection plans in Escambia County

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Better Policy          

New developments will be planned and built to protect your community

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Smart Solutions

Campaigns will drive specific solutions in your neighborhood

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