Flood Defenders

Giving flood-affected citizens a powerful voice

Flooding is America’s most common and expensive natural disaster - and our flood risk is growing. But it’s not too late for us to be proactive and do something about it. Join our community of Flood Defenders and let’s tell our elected officials that it’s time for them to do a better job protecting citizens from flooding.



Properties at Risk across the United States


in damages since 2000

For the past 25 years, America has experienced an urban flooding event once every 2-3 days

When a flood impacts your life, it wreaks havoc on your emotional and financial well-being, leaving you feeling trapped, vulnerable and exposed. Lives and routines are disrupted when you can not even leave your home or neighborhood because of standing water. We know what it’s like to feel exposed to the threat of flooding - because we’ve been there too.


Flood Defenders is a non-profit organization that brings people together to demand and receive the level of flood protection we need and deserve.

We believe that change happens when people come together to raise their collective voices. Bringing those powerful voices together isi our goal. Our team of local flooding experts have decades of experience addressing the stormwater issues that cause flooding. Most importantly, we have deep experience in political advocacy and have the tools and solutions to help you reach and influence the key decision makers in your communities.

It’s not hard to take the first step to better flood protection


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Let’s hold our elected officials accountable for better flood protection

Together we will be heard and see real change in our communities

Flooding is a complicated problem that requires cooperation between local, state, and federal governments. It’s easy for elected officials to pass the buck to the next jurisdiction. People have complained - but they haven’t complained in one joint, loud voice. That's where we come in.

Giving flood-affected citizens a powerful voice

In Pensacola’s Oakfield Acres community, residents were fed up when violations of county development codes caused streets and yards to be overrun with water and mud. Our Flood Defenders sent emails, contacted news outlets and showed up to County meetings and, as a result, projects were brought into code compliance.

In the Surrey Drive and Windsong Lane area, uncontrolled runoff from a road widening project coupled with an overloaded, poorly maintained stormwater pond created multiple flooding events. With the help of Flood Defenders, issues were identified and explained to the Florida Department of Transportation who corrected the drainage issues on their site.

We Are Flood Defenders

A non-profit, non-partisan organization giving a powerful voice to those affected by flooding