Actions You and Your Government Can Take

Flooding is complicated. The problem has many parts, and there’s no one-size-fits-all fix. But there are solutions...

Choosing the right solutions for your flood problem starts with understanding - that’s why we’ve created an easy-to-read menu of flood protection strategies below. In each entry, we summarize the solution and the ways it might help make your community safer from flooding. Some solutions include a Deep Dive on how they work, examples, and best practices for implementation.

Stormwater Ponds

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Why Your Community Needs Stormwater Ponds

Flood Insurance

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Why You Should Have Flood Insurance

Better Standards

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Why The 100-Year Standard Is Not Enough

Beach Renourishment

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Why Your Community Needs Beach Renourishment


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What You Need to Know About Levees

Flood Maps

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Do You Know Your Home’s True Flood Risk?

Shoreline Protection

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Why Your Community Needs Shoreline Protection

Stormwater Drainage

Stormwater-DrainageAsset 6@3x

Why Your County Needs Better Stormwater Drainage


Floodgates-l2-cardAsset 2@2x

Why Your County Needs Floodgates


Buyouts-l2-cardAsset 3@2x

What You Need to Know About Buyouts


Maintenance-L2-cardAsset 1@2x

Why Your County Needs Better Stormwater Maintenance

Pipes, Culverts, and Ditches

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Why Your County Needs Pipes, Culverts, and Ditches

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