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20,900 properties in Santa Rosa County have more than a 25% chance of flooding over the life of a 30-year mortgage. That’s more than 27% percent of all the homes in the county!


Hurricane Sally generated 1700 flooding complaints with 839 flooded homes on the "Citizens Damage Report". These reported numbers are much higher, since many citizens have lost hope and did not bother to report flooding. 


damage to an average American home by just 1 foot of floodwater

6-9 Months

Typical time before a homeowner can return to their home after flooding


Increase in the share of the population in bankruptcy four years after a disaster like flooding

We need your photos of flooding

To help Plan, Protect, Invest, and Maintain we need to document floods in your neighborhoods and communities. Share your photos or videos of flooding with

Cross Road Subdivision Nicole Hardy

Cross Road subdivision floods

Copy of Canyon washout less than 50 feet from Niswongers home in Pace

Canyon washout less than 50 feet from Santa Rosa home

Full front view of Chad Merrills house on Saddle Creek Road in No Flood Zone

Saddle Creek home in a "No Flood Zone" continues to flood

Flood protection starts with a proactive approach — Santa Rosa County doesn't meet the grade...


Overall Grade: F

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The county's flood maps are inaccurate and out of date. While Santa Rosa recommends specific flood protection initiatives in its Flood Mitigation Plan, it doesn't publish timelines, funding strategies, or other details on how it will get the work done.

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Santa Rosa does a good job of reaching out to residents and developers to help them understand flood hazards. But the County's Land Development Code undermines its efforts. 

The county allows small developments to be built without the infrastructure required for bigger neighborhoods, leaving residents at risk. Requirements for large subdivisions aren't much better - developers can promise to build safely, but the county has few ways to enforce the rules

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The County has not adequately funded solutions for the 2,197 "Stormwater Problem Areas" identified by Santa Rosa County staff.

repair scorecard


Santa Rosa's maintenance teams for stormwater infrastructure are under-resourced - the county does not have sufficient staff to keep the infrastructure working properly.

Chris Curb,

Former Escambia County Stormwater Manager

We equip citizens with the tools and know-how to make a change in Santa Rosa County

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Local expertise and information about solutions to your flood problem

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Organizing members for council meetings, town halls, webinars, etc.

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Measure progress on flood funding and policy and hold elected officials accountable

With your message, elected officials will know they're held accountable

desantis bill signing

Governor Ron DeSantis signing the “Always Ready” flood bill into law - click here to go deeper.

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More Investment

Money will be put towards flood protection plans in Santa Rosa County

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Better Policy          

New developments will be planned and built to protect your community

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Smart Solutions

Campaigns will drive specific solutions in your neighborhood

Join the Flood Defenders of Santa Rosa in taking action towards better flood protection

We equip citizens with the tools and know-how to make a change in Santa Rosa County