Florida Panhandle Cities Break Records for High-Tide Flood Days

Florida Panhandle Cities Break Records for High-Tide Flood Days

Three cities in the Florida Panhandle saw more high-tide flood days in 2020 than any year on record, according to a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

  • The problem: Coastal cities continue to break records each year for the annual number of high-tide flood days. 

Pensacola, Panama City Beach, and Panama City all broke records for high-tide flooding, also known as “nuisance” or “sunny day” flooding. While decades ago floods this high would only happen during a storm, disruptive sunny day floods now occur more frequently. 

  • The numbers: Pensacola reported 14 high-tide flood days. Panama City Beach and Panama City reported 11 and 9 days, respectively.

  • What experts say: “High-tide flooding disrupts people’s lives when they can’t get to and from work or have to repeatedly deal with a flooded basement,”  Nicole LeBoeuf, director of NOAA’s National Ocean Service, said in a press release.

  • Go deeper: A worsening problem, nuisance flooding occurs when tides reach anywhere from 1.75 to 2 feet above the daily average high tide.

The bottom line: Since 2000, the number of high-tide flood days along the U.S. Southeast Atlantic and Gulf coastlines has increased 400-1,100%. That means more disruption for residents.

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