Cantonment Resident Recovering From Second 100-Year Flood

Cantonment Resident Recovering From Second 100-Year Flood


Spencer Blomquist lives in Cantonment, a suburb north of Pensacola.

His neighborhood sits on flood-prone, low-lying land along Eleven Mile Creek.

After a historic rainstorm in 2014 flooded his neighborhood and many others, Escambia County made a $417 million stormwater agenda.

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Despite initial optimism, the county has struggled to find funding to accomplish the ambitious list of 228 projects. Six years after the 2014 100-year flood event, Hurricane Sally brought a second 100-year flood to Blomquist's neighborhood.

"The county really did not do any of the stuff for drainage that they should have as far as the creek goes," he told Flood Trends. “It probably wasn't the best place for the county to approve development.”

Blomquist bought his home for $257,000. It has now generated about $400,000 in losses.

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