Escambia Neighborhood Shows How FEMA's Maps Are Wrong

Escambia Neighborhood Shows How FEMA's Maps Are Wrong

A neighborhood in Escambia County’s District 5 shows the problem with flood maps used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 


FEMA's map doesn't show flood risk for the Butlers' neighborhood, unlike the newer map from First Street Foundation that shows a lot of risk.

The takeaway: These homeowners were told they did not live in a floodplain but many have flooded recently, notably during the historic 2014 rainstorm and Hurricane Sally in 2020. Now many need to demand buyouts, while others need the county to improve the stormwater ponds.

Take action: Flood Defenders Darlyn Butler, her brother Skip Butler, and Flood Defenders’ Technical Advisor Chris Curb have asked Commissioner Steven Barry to provide buyouts and fix the ponds. Join them and other Flood Defenders by demanding action from the Escambia County commissioners.