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$850 billion


15 million


vertical-red-lineIt's time for our elected officials to provide better flood protection

You would think that more than $850 billion in damages caused by flooding, and more than 15 million properties still at risk, would be enough for cities and counties across the US to create comprehensive plans for flood protection. Sadly, it’s not.


vertical-red-lineWhen it comes to the risk your home faces from flooding, you’ve been left to fend for yourself

Even if you are insured, it’s a nightmare to get back to normal after a flood, and some may never get the value of their home back. Other states and counties are building better flood protection.

For example, Louisiana

After Louisiana was hit by Hurricane Katrina, a massive effort began to ensure nothing like that would ever happen again. They started with something novel — a plan (click here to see their 50-year COASTAL MASTER PLAN). 

It sets aside clear, comprehensive steps for how to protect their residents and their state now and into the future.

money illustration

One dollar of infrastructure investment
saves $6 in flood damage

-and it creates lots of jobs

So, why haven’t we taken action?
We haven’t demanded it

Flooding is a complicated problem that requires cooperation between local, state, and federal governments. It’s easy for elected officials to pass the buck to the next jurisdiction. People have complained - but they haven’t complained in one joint, loud voice. That's where we come in.


We Are Flood Defenders

A non-profit, non-partisan organization giving a powerful voice to those affected by flooding