Our Team

Jonah <br> Driggers


Product Manager

Jonah is a flooding and disaster preparedness wonk with a consistent focus on helping to prepare communities and businesses for future challenges. Jonah manages day to day workflow at Flood Defenders.

He spent three years as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, working to upgrade service operations at utilities and manufacturers, spur growth in both state economies and company product lines, and improve the way that governments handle flooding and other natural disasters. Additionally, Jonah spent a year as Chief of Staff to McKinsey’s Crisis Management Function, helping McKinsey build capability to handle incidents ranging from COVID-19 to cyber threats.

Prior to McKinsey, Jonah attended the University of Georgia, where he was a Foundation Fellow and national scholarship winner.

"I grew up in a small community on the coast of Georgia, surrounded by marshes, live oaks, and the ocean. There is nothing more important to me than preserving special communities like my hometown and the coastal way of life. That’s why I’m at Flood Defenders: the only group in the country focused solely on protecting communities from flooding."